About us

This is us

the Straver Family, ready to take off to a new adventure. From August 27th, we will be traveling approximately one year through Asia!

Traveling has always been one of our favorite pastimes and after a one year break, long time ago, we were totally into exploring new cultures and societies. In 2008 we decided to move to Romania, to get some more adventure in our lives. We got busy starting up a business, raising two wonderful children and exploring our new home-region, meanwhile day-dreaming about a year off as a family.

After 9 years of living in Cluj-Napoca, we feel that this is the moment to fulfill our dream. So off we go. All four of us are getting exited about our upcoming trip. Where to go, what to bring, what to leave behind and what to store, what to explore, where to sleep, how to home-school and much more.

Soon you will read more on this site … stay tuned.