Our final destination of this (almost) one year trip had to be at the beach. It took a while before we decided on Zanzibar and it turned out to be a wonderful location. We started off in Stone town, the capital of the island belonging to Tanzania. Stone town is a charming city with African, Asian and Arabic influences; the center consists of narrow streets, with high, white building to keep the streets shady. There is a fort and a park along the coast and there are some nice restaurants, funny shops, a fantastic local market and a very sad museum telling the history of the slave market that used to be there. The visit to the museum was very impressive, to listen to the story and to imagine the horrifying history made us very quiet.

The majority of the people here are Muslim and it was the second day of Eid Mubarak, the festival at the end of the Ramadan. We enjoyed the festivities and saw families dressed in colorful clothes in the park to enjoy the festive atmosphere; girls were giggling around, arm in arm, boys were acting as cool as possible, showing off by make impressive jumps in to the sea, little kids with their moms or dads were having picnics and siblings were dressed in same design dresses and shirts. Of course there was a lot of food and everybody was happy.

After one and a half day we moved on to the beach at Pwani Mchangani. No idea how to pronounce it, but it was a perfect place to stay. Bungalows next to the beach, very friendly and nice staff, good food and that beautiful white sand beach! So all we did was eat, relax, swim and repeat. The days passed by in African rhythm and we had a great time.

We repeated this rhythm again when we moved to another part of Zanzibar called Bwejuu. Driving from beach to beach we saw how green the island is. The island has lots of jungle like nature; palm trees, banana trees, baobabs and much more. It was rice harvest time and people were working hard. During this trip we crossed through Jozani forest where we found the endangered red colobus monkeys, which you can only find in Zanzibar. Arriving at the hotel we spent the rest of our time either at the swimming pool or at the beach.

In Zanzibar we slowly started to realize our trip is coming to an end and we had all our adventures cross our minds again. Step by step we were getting to the day when we had to take the plane back into reality. I guess that’s part of life.

Sitting on the beach, drinking a cocktail, days slowly passing by, we realize how lucky and privileged we are. We took the chance to take the kids into this amazing adventure, to travel as a family, to see so much of the world, to be so close to each other for such a long period, without any interference from  outside is a treasure we will cherish and remember for the rest of our lives!


  1. Céline

    WOW !! What to say ?
    thank you again for those amazing pictures that we commented with Calixte; yes, we had travelled with you: i can hear the voice of Annet telling me all the stories while reading…
    The animals were incredible and i am sure that the light in those parks has something special.
    As we found now Romeo too small for a feline, we decided to feed him more, maybe it will become as beautifull as a Straver’s lion or at least a cheetah !!
    With our love and the hope to see you soon

  2. Inbal

    I loved reading your blog, it is very inspiring. I am sure your kids, the same as you, will appreciate this adventure for the rest of their lives…
    Best of luck in re-adjusting to your new-old home .❤️

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