Kruger, day 7

Today is the day we have to drive back to Johannesburg and bring back the beast to her official owner. We had such a good time, we’ve spent fantastic days, beautiful drives and exiting adventures. We have plentiful memories and we will remind this trip forever!!!

But, we’re not in Johannesburg yet! We start the day with our last game drive. One last try to spot our so desired wild dogs, but they don’t show up. A good reason to come back to Africa one dayJ. What we did see was a group of 6 cheetahs. Because of the app we knew about them; it was a mother with 5 cubs, but the cubs were already grown and therefor it was hard to see which one was the mother. They split up in 2 groups and for more than half an hour we could follow three cheetahs while they were on the move. At first they moved in the distance, we could see them, but sometimes needed binoculars to keep them in sight. Slowly they moved parallel to the road and then their direction changed and they came closer and closer, until they were maybe 10 meters away from the road. This was awesome, so fantastic to see these cats moving, keeping an eye at each other, waiting for the last one and continuing. We followed them until all siblings and mom came together again and then it was time for us to move on.

It was a fantastic last sighting, before we drove out of Kruger and back in to civilization. First part of the road was through beautiful green nature and mountains called “granietkoppies”, but soon we could put the car on automatic speed as we followed boring tar-roads passing through big cities and yellowish grass fields and industrial areas in between. In Jo’burg we said goodbye to the beast and we stayed our last night in a very comfortable apartment before flying to our next destination.


But Africa … We’ll be back!!!

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