Kruger, day 6

Actually, all you do in Kruger is wake up early, get in the car, drive around for a couple of hours, hoping to spot something special, get back to the campsite for lunch, relax a little and in the afternoon same pattern as in the morning; driving around hoping to spot interesting situations.

Well, today we saw a grysbok, killed by a leopard, carried up in a tree. The leopard was nowhere to be seen, but to see that deer, high in a tree, was impressive. Along the way at 5 different spots we saw rhinos and we thought that we were lucky, we had our highlights of the day, but man … the best was yet to come! Right before arriving at our last campsite which was named Crocodile Bridge, we saw a chaos of cars, totally blocking the road, coming from 2 sides, parked in all kind of crazy positions, 3 or 4 cars next to each other. Something was going on there; this is MAJOR-CAT-ALARM!!! We asked around and somewhere around there should be a cheetah with 3 cubs. Because of all the cars it was impossible to find a spot where we could “spot the spots” and we decided to move on to the campsite. We found a spot along the fence and from there we could still see the commotion, but no cheetahs, until a car drove by on the other side of the fence and the driver told us … get in your car, drive along this road because they’re here. Now, the road was a ‘no entry’ road, but this was the one and only time that we neglected the sign and just went in (I mean, it was only 50 meters, not really entering, right?). First we saw mommy, sitting down under a bush, but apparently the little ones were hungry so mommy had to go hunting and she started moving, the cubs following while mommy kept a close eye on them. They were not far from us and we had such a good sight, the cubs were incredibly cute and mom beautiful! Trying to find a prey she moved away from us and disappeared in the bushes.

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