Kruger, day 5

We are in the area where wild dogs are spotted almost every day, but we still haven’t seen them. At today’s campsite we met a very kind man, explaining us that this time of the year is their denning time and therefor it’s very hard to see them out and about.

Well, after more than 5 weeks in Africa, we found 4 animal species we haven’t seen before; klipspringer, common duiker, bushbucks and the goliath heron. Next to that we saw our first rhinos in Kruger, nyalas, saddle billed storks, a huge group of buffalo, a hyena with cubs and (incredibly) our 5th LEOPARD!

About the hyena; because of the app we knew about a hyena with her cubs, close to the road where she had her den. We knew approximately where and we went to check. Slowly driving, scanning the bushes, but we didn’t see anything. We didn’t know how a hyena den would look like, which made it more difficult to find. We turned around and checked again on the way back and then we found a culvert next to the road where the smell was unbearable and we could definitely see this was the den, so we stopped the car and looked around to see if mommy was around with her little cubs. We didn’t see anything and were almost ready to move on when we saw a little movement right above the grass. There she was, lying quietly with her cubs in the shade, a couple of meters from the road, but very well protected by nature and almost out of sight. We didn’t see anything more than mommy’s head and the fur of the cubs, but we found her and we were very happy.

We continued to a waterhole in the direction of our campsite for the night. We didn’t have a clear view of the waterhole, because of all the bushes between us and the water, but we could see some warthogs playing in the mud and some elephants drinking and spraying themselves with water and mud. We were almost ready to drive on when we saw another car watching at some bushes on the right. Nothing to see there, although … wait … there’s a leopard hiding in the bushes. We waited to see what he was up to and we could see him moving step by step, walking a little, sitting down again, eyes and ears scanning the area for some lunch. At the waterhole some impalas arrived, but the elephants were still there and finally, after an hour of trying to get closer and waiting his chance, the leopard took off and disappeared in the thick bushes.

We stayed at the rim of the campsite, close to the fence where again hyenas were strolling by, but through the fence we have also seen an elephant, a rhino and a civet, which we hadn’t seen before.

So yes, it was a good day!

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