Kruger, day 4

This morning we didn’t wake up very early as we didn’t expect to spot cats in this area. We took it easy and left after breakfast. We drove deeper into the park using the main road and after 20 minutes we saw 4 cars on the side of the road. That means cat-alert and indeed, close to the road we saw 4 lions which we could follow for a long time before we lost them in the bushes. Wow, this was incredible. They were slowly moving, maybe trying to find a prey, continuously scanning the surroundings, but before they got into action they disappeared.

We continued our long trip for today, spotting different kind of general games. One of them was a sable antelope, which we had only seen once before. We also spotted another group of ground hornbills, more buffalos, one hyena and turtles but unfortunately, no wild dogs.

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