Kruger, day 2

At the bigger campsites there are sighting boards, where you can check where which animals are spotted.  With little colored magnets you can also list your spottings. There’s also an app “latest spottings” with this kind of information and those two were our guidelines in planning our routes through the park.

This morning we spotted a honey badger, we had never seen one before and they are strange animals; black and white, not very big, but apparently very strong. We were happy to see one. We continued our drive when we saw 2 cars on the side of the road. Now, when more than 1 car stands still and especially when you see binoculars and cameras, something is going on. We stopped and asked and guess the answer … “2 cheetahs lying down”. What??? Serious … we took our binoculars and started checking the direction they were watching, but nothing. Where are they … Well, it turned out from our sight they were behind some bushes, so we had to move our car a couple of meters and then we all started shouting when we saw them. They were far away, visible by eyes, but best to watch through binoculars. The cheetahs were relaxing and all they did was put out their heads from now and then to see what was going on around them. But … WE SAW CHEETAHS! Amazing!

With big smiles we continued our trip on our way to the next campsite and decided to stretch our legs at a hide-out. We were still getting out of the car when a woman came to us, excitedly telling there was a lioness walking around so we quickly went to the hide-out and there we saw here, on the other side of the river. Walking in and out of sight and finally lying down. Once she lied down, we continued our way to a dam where we saw a huge group of baboons, hippos, crocodiles, some deer and … a giraffe came drinking. A drinking giraffe is so interesting and exciting to see as they have to spread their front legs very wide to be able to bring the head all the way down to reach the water. A giraffe is in its most vulnerable position like that, so it’s a very stressful situation and at every movement or noise the giraffe will rapidly bring the head back up to see if she’s in danger.

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