Back in Kathmandu

The last days of our wonderful time in Nepal we spent in Kathmandu. We had another wonderful afternoon with Navrath, Sunita, Shila and Aakriti at their house. We had so much fun together, we laughed a lot. They prepared us the best dahl baat we’ve had in Nepal and they spoiled the kids (and us too) with ice cream! It is just so good to be together again and time flew by, because of all the fun we had together.

One of the things we hadn’t done so far in Kathmandu is to visit the Swayambuh temple also called the monkey temple. This was one of the places we visited more than once when we were here 14 years ago and we wanted to go there with the kids. This giant stupa, on top of a hill gives beautiful views over Kathmandu and the temple grounds and stairs leading to the temple are very vivid as many locals come to pray and worship. Walking up the stairs to this sanctuary is really worth it.

We also went back to our favorite stupa at Boudhanath. The day we visited the festival of Buddha Jayanti was celebrated. This day marks the birth, enlightenment and the passing to nirvana of Siddhartha Gautama (Gautama Buddha) and is celebrated by Buddhists by extra worshipping and a procession with Buddha statutes. The stupa and surroundings were extra cleaned and decorated for the occasion, people were dressed in their most beautiful clothes and the place was packed. We enjoyed the procession and all the devotees who came to celebrate and had a wonderful day.

The rest of our time we spent on buying souvenirs (I’m surprised how well Sterre and Wessel learnt to bargain, even in Nepali) and enjoying the many wonderful restaurants in Thamel. We had lunch with Rajan at the wonderful garden of Thamel Eco Resort. This hotel is a real oasis in chaotic Thamel, a very nice accommodation and perfect place to relax after trekking, shopping or sightseeing!

And now it is time for a new adventure on a new continent! Tonight we fly to……


  1. Céline

    thank you to make me dream; i love all the colors and by magic the musics with he bells, drums…noise of the crowd come to me ; -)))
    I could see on your faces the wonderfull time that you had.
    Big sunny and wet kisses from Romania
    Céline & Co.

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