Pokhara to Kathmandu

After our trekking we stayed in Pokhara for a couple of very quiet and slow days. Pokhara is totally different from Kathmandu, more fresh air, cleaner and less hectic, a perfect environment to let our muscles relax and to relive our fantastic trekking.  We enjoyed the Phewa Lake by rowing a boat, we played a game of Karimboard and we visited the international mountain museum, a very nice adding after our trekking, with very interesting facts and information.

When we drove from Kathmandu to Pokhara, we drove alongside the Trisuli River for a long time and we saw people rafting. The kids got excited and definitely wanted to go rafting, so on our way back to Kathmandu we did, we drove to the starting point, went rafting, slept at the river side and continued our trip to Kathmandu the next morning.

The rafting was big fun as well as nerve breaking. Rafting is one thing, but rafting with the children is absolutely crazy. I was so scared they would fall out of the raft and of course I was shocked when they told the guide they wanted to do the rough way (instead of the easy). They were so excited, while I was only seeing the big rocks and wild rapids and I already saw us ending up in the hospital with injured and traumatized kids. Well guess what, we are all still alive, no injuries and no trauma’s (phew) and we had a great time. We got really wet because of all the water coming into the raft, but the raft didn’t flip and nobody fell out and finally my heart is beating at normal pace again. Back at the campsite we had big fun reliving the raft trip and how we experienced it all.


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